About Heart Of Glass

Heart of Glass is run by Lindsey Calvert, an enthusiastic amateur interested in glass, local history and writing. Combining the three interests seemed an obvious choice and so, in 2019, Heart of Glass was born. Due to prioritising my family, work and studying commitments, I don’t always post as frequently as I’d like to, but my heart is always here.

There are many social media platforms nowadays, and I have an online presence on several of them. Doing this allows me to tailor my content, enabling you to keep up to date with latest articles, additions to the collections, news from field trips or just photographs of glass. Basically, I want to make it easy for people to access whatever is of interest to them, and in the format they prefer.

You can find more from Heart of Glass on…


My Facebook page is used as a hub to keep up to date of posts across all Heart of Glass sites.  This includes details of new blog posts, photographs, auction listings, podcasts, sometimes interesting glass related news article from elsewhere on the web.


This is page contains more in depth photographs of pressed glass from my collection.  Whilst some of the images are used in articles here, Flickr contains many more photographs of my glass.  I have attributed the glass with manufacturer/design, when known, and the photographs are sorted into albums by manufacturer.  There is less detail about how the attributions have been made so, if you just want to look at photographs of my pressed glass this is the probably the best site for you. I try to update the account with one new photograph per week.


I aim for one image a day on instagram. This is often a piece of glass in my collection, sometimes it’s a historic image or a glass history related fact. Stories may be used to document field trips, but these are less than once a month.


My Pinterest albums are a continual work in progress. My goal is to create boards that relate to the pattern books, or registered designs, for each of the North-East manufacturers. Each board is ordered by design number, with a section for each one. This makes it so easy to look up actual photographs of a piece for comparison purposes.


The Heart of Glass twitter account not only provides you updates of new blog posts, but also glass related facts based on topical issues. It’s a bit like the Instagram account but with more detail!