The Pottery Gazette, Supplemental Pages

The Pottery Gazette & Glass Trade Review was published from 1877 until the 1970’s, when its name was changed to Tableware International.

The magazines can be a useful source for identifying glassware, which often is unmarked.  Some of the earlier editions also included supplemental pages, provided by manufacturers, to show off their new product lines.

Google holds an eBook of the Pottery & Glass Trade Review, which contains most publications from 1878 and 1879.1 Whilst, various online subscription services hold scanned copies of the Pottery Gazette which can be viewed online. has Pottery Gazettes dated 1880-1894, whilst holds 1890-1895.  However, more recent years (1906-1913) have been included on the free-to-use Internet Archive.

The alphabetical list below details the supplemental pages from glass manufacturers and importers between 1878-1894, and 1906-1913.

Edward Bolton & Sons, Warrington

August 1885
A four page supplement showing new patterns of cut and pressed flint glass ware.

December 1888
Just one page showing the Registered Design number 105464.

September 1893
Another four page supplement for cut and pressed flint glass ware.

C.J.Dams & Co, London

March 1891
a one page supplement detailing three tumblers, an etched sherry glass and a jug.

George Davidson & Co, Gateshead

November 1885
A four page supplement showcasing the “Hobnail” suite.  Only the centre two pages contain details of the glassware, complete with illustrations, sizes and product numbers.

December 1886
A single page supplement for the “Daisy” suite.  This only shows the Oval Dish, No.67, but has a list of products in the range complete with the sizes of plates and bowls.

March 1888
A three page supplement for the Silver Wedding.  This supplement has no images and the text was so feint on the edition I viewed that I was unable to read the contents.

April 1889
Another three page supplement, this one showing the “1889” suite.  Items include sweet dishes, salt, piano stand, water set, biscuit set, jug, comport, basket, bowls, plates and butter dish.

June 1889
Blue pearline is introduced in this two page supplement.  An image of a bowl from the “1889” suite is included.

April 1890
A four page supplement for the “1890” suite.  Only one page contains illustrations of the items, which include cream and sugar, dishes, butter and plate.

October 1890
This four page supplement contains a cover page, a one page lemon squeezer advertisement, a page detailing the 643 suite in blue pearline and the page shows items from the 1890 suite.

January 1891
One page showing the 9″ bowl from “number 1891” is followed with a page detailing the new registered design and the items made in the design.

July 1891
Although there is a three page supplement for “Novelties in Pressed Glass”, in blue pearline, only the last page shows details of them.  They are outline images showing products, with numbers, which include; baskets, spills, tube, creams and sugars.

January 1892
A one page supplement showing their new “1892” suite.  The designs include sugar, cream, sweet, biscuit, basket, salt, water set, dish, plate, butter and salad bowl.

April 1893
A large six page supplement was issued in this edition of the Pottery Gazette.  The covering page introduced the “Novelties in Pressed Glass” which featured two pages each of the Primrose and Blue Pearline lines.  The page featuring the primrose lines showed the gold medal award for the Patent Primrose line which was awarded at the Newcastle Exhibition in 1887.  Patent Primrose items included are from the 1890 and 1892 suites, pattern numbers 226 and 900, plus baskets, spills and a salt. The Blue Pearline ranges included the 643 and 1891 suites, patterns 225 and 226, plus spills and baskets.

M. Davis & Co, London

April, May 1881
Six pages showing shades for lamps, decanters, glasses, vases, fly catcher and a location map.  In the May edition the pages are not contiguous.

September 1881
A two page advertisement showing surplus stock.  3000 cases of glass sold for cash only.  Mainly drink ware but also includes a salt and bird cup.

November 1884
This four page supplement contains three pages of lamp shades and one of drinking tumblers.

December 1884
This supplement contains lamp shades, chimneys and globes.

Thomas Kidd & Co., Manchester

January 1883
This edition of the Pottery Gazette includes a single page advertisement from Thomas Kidd.  The page shows dishes, plates, candlesticks, drinking vessels, sugars, creams, salts, ink wells, egg cup and bird accoutrements.

Edward Moore & Co, South Shields

December 1888
An eight page supplement with covering letter detailing the purchase of moulds from the  estate of the late Joseph Webb, of Coalbourn Glass Works, Stourbridge.  The pages show, amongst other things, flower troughs, sugars and creams, plates, salts, knife rests, celeries and comports.

North British Glass Co

June, September, October 1883; January, February, March 1884
A one page illustrated advertisement, depicting covers, epergne, leaded and stained glass, vase and bowls.

April 1885
This one page advert is dedicated to water filters.

Slack & Brownlow, Manchester

May 1880
A two page supplement showing awards and designs of charcoal water filters.  Some of the designs are made in glass.

April 1881
Four pages showing awards, plus various designs of charcoal water filters and cisterns.  One page features three designs made in glass.

Sowerby & Co, Lemington

January 1888
A two page supplement showing pressed, cut and engraved goods.

Sowerby’s Ellison Glass Works, Gateshead

November 1879
Two page colour supplement showcasing Patent Queen’s Ivory Ware.

May 1880
Sowerby & Company, Ellison Glass Works, specimen sheets of crystal table glassware. four pages showing sugars, butters, creams, salts, tumblers, dishes, candlesticks and dishes

June 1881
Two pages repeated from the May 1880 supplement, showing crystal table glassware

April 1884
A four page supplement detailing their new patterns, including tumblers, service 1786, sugars, creams, butters and cake stand.

July 1890
A two page supplement advertising the new pea blossom glass (no images of products) and new Patent Process Confectioners, which has one illustration.

J. Stembridge & Co, London

September 1888
One page supplement advertising the “bijou illuminator”, cornucopia, vase and a rustic ring with hanger.

May 1889
Supplement containing four pages.  One page shows glass cornucopia, two pages list stem wear with prices and the fourth shows flower holders

June 1889
This four page supplement is similar to the one from May 1889, except the first page contains majolica (ceramic) planters, the second page of stem wear shows a lemon squeezer at the bottom of the page and the fourth page advertises pendant flower holders

January, April 1890
This four page supplement has pendant flower holders on the first page, two pages of stem wear with prices and the final page showing decanters and miscellaneous items.  The supplement is the same on both dates

September 1890
This is a larger six page supplement, however the first and third pages are identical, detailing pendant flower holders and flower stands.  The second page shows the new “Brilliante” pattern, Acorn No 9539.  The last three pages show various drinking vessels, a vase, butter dishes, comport and lemon squeezer, along with the price lists and item numbers

January, July 1891
This edition contains a four-page “special list of glassware”, mainly detailing drinking vessels with price list.

April 1892
The four pages included with this edition of the pottery gazette are a mix of old pages and new.  The first page contains clear images of 9 different tumblers.  Then next two pages are repeats of two pages of table ware from January & July 1891.  The final page is a reworking of the final page from the above supplements, showing a china rose lamp and glass stand, instead of one of the pendant flower holders.

Stone, Fawdry & Stone, Birmingham

March, May, June, July, August, October 1891; January, April, July 1892
The page advertises table glass, lamp and light fittings.  The illustrations show two decanters and four drinking glasses.

April 1891
This edition of the pottery gazette contains two supplemental pages for Stone, Fawdry & Stone, however they are not consecutive pages.  The first page contains eleven drinking glasses and five decanters. The second supplemental page is identical to the ones issued above.

September 1891
As well as the usual page showing the two decanters and four drinking glasses, two extra supplemental pages are included.  One page shows bottles, jugs and a drinking glass.  The other supplemental page shows glass lamp shades and a patent grooved hyacinth glass.

November 1891; February, May 1892
The one page included in this edition is identical to the page showing the bottles, jugs and drinking glass from September 1891.

December 1891; March, June 1892
The advertisement showing glass lamp shades and a hyacinth glass, as published in September 1891, is included in this edition.

August, September, October, November, December 1892;
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November 1893

One page supplement showing “glass for licensed victuallers”.  Illustrated with seven designs for glass kegs/barrels.

Percival Vickers, Manchester

March, April 1880
A seven page pattern book was issued as a supplement in both these issues of the Pottery Gazette.  The pattern book contains five pages of designs; sugars, creams, pickle jar, ice pail, celeries, dishes, drinking vessels, butters, compotes, decanters, jelly, ice plate, finger bowl and custard.  One design is the 1502 service

John Walsh Walsh, Birmingham

August 1880
Not a supplemental page, but a full page advert showing carafes, glasses, decanters and epergne.

November 1883
A one page supplement showing the crushed strawberry and electric blue lines.

Webb Brothers, Manchester

April, July 1890; July 1891
A three page supplement showing a glass urn and spirit barrel, plus a lemon squeezer. Although all three supplemental pages are included in the above editions, the pages appear in different orders.

Joseph Webb, Stourbridge

January, February, March, 1884; September 1885
A half page advertisement which is illustrated with examples of lamp fittings, vases and drink ware.

Thos. Webb & Sons, Stourbridge

May 1879
A single colour page advertisement detailing three vases.

March 1906
Two page supplement one for the “Fircone Suite” (pattern 27440), the other an etched suite called “Festoons” (pattern 27990).  The pages mainly detail drinking vessels, jugs and decanters, although a couple of bowls are also included.

April 1909
Two page supplement focussed on the “fircone suite”.  The pages detail drinking vessels, jugs, lidded jars, celery vase, bowls and decanter.

J.Wuidart & Co, London

August 1889
One page advertisement showing the new pattern of etching “Brillante”, Hawthorn (no. 9265) on drinking glasses and a decanter.

March 1891
One page advertisement showing, mainly, drinking glasses and decanters

July 1892
One page advertisement showing baskets and vases with ruffled tops.  Headed “New Patterns of Fancy Glass for 1892”.

September 1892
Two pages showing the “Pittsburg” pattern, no.9910.  Details the sugar dish, creamer, covered dish and bowl.

January 1894
Two page advertisement showing the “Louis XV”  suite of crystal glass with “Brillanté” engraving.  One of the pages shows the various drinking glasses, decanter, carafe and bowl available.

March 1907
A four page supplement showcasing five designs; Mayfair, Popular, Pall Mall, Kensington and Fleur de Lys.  The main focal point is on decanters and drinking glasses in these ranges.  However sugars, butters, bowls, vases and jugs are also depicted.

Further Reading

  1. The Pottery and Glass Trades Journal 1878-1879

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