Pressed For Time

There are many specialist books and websites that go into great detail about the history of the glass-making industry and manufacturers.  It is not my intention to compete with those.  Rather this section of my site will give brief overviews of aspects of history, glass manufacturers, importers and places of interest.

Perfect for when you’re Pressed For Time!

Please note that I am working on articles for all of these sections, however they are not ready for publication yet.  As soon as the articles have been published I will activate the following links.


The history section of Pressed For Time includes brief articles relating to the historic glass-making industry.  The research used for these reports have come from books, periodicals and newspapers, with some additional details from local and national archives.


Time-line based articles on glass manufacturing companies in North-East England.  Each article has a reference list at the end, so you can locate further information about a particular manufacturer is required.  Both print and online sources are provided.  Also brief overviews of other manufacturers and examples of their work.

Dealers & Importers

Glass dealers and importers are often overlooked in books and websites, yet they account for a considerable number of registered designs.  Some companies would have had products produced by local firms to sell under their own brand name, whilst others bought moulds from existing manufacturers and then shipped them abroad to have the products made before importing them back to sell.

Places To Visit

There are several locations in the North-East of England that are of interest to people who collect glass.  It is understandable that places will promote themselves highly to encourage people to visit, however this can lead to disappointment when a planned excursion does not live up to the hype.  This section gives a brief review of the places I have visited, which I hope will prepare other potential visitors by providing them with realistic expectations.