Information Sources

The information I use in my blog posts comes from a wide variety of sources; specialist websites and boards, original pattern books, old newspapers, modern and antiquarian books, museums and archives.

I don’t like clicking through a long list of links hoping to find what I’m after, and I’m sure you don’t too.  That’s why I have organized my resources into sections, grouping similar types of resources together.  There are many other resources out there, so please don’t expect these to be fully comprehensive lists, as I have only included resources that I regularly use.

Online Sources

A selection of websites with pattern books and other references, which have been made generously available for online viewing.

Online Galleries

The majority of websites on this page belong to long standing members of the glass community.  As well as pretty pictures they contain histories of glass manufacturers, glass registrations and pictorial glass identification guides.

Pattern Books

The purpose of these pages are to give an overview of the patterns contained within the pattern books. This will include photographs of some of the pieces of glass represented, plus related information regarding colours and designs. If the book is available online a link will be provided to the site hosting it.

Book Summaries

The majority of books, in this section, are ones I use for researching history and identifying glass manufacturers.  There are summaries of more general books on collecting that I have read because they contain sections about glass.  Rather than giving my opinion of the book I stick to the facts, summarising the book contents.  I believe this is more useful, to the potential reader, as it helps to establish if the book is suited to their needs before borrowing or purchasing it.

The Pottery Gazette

A list of editions of The Pottery Gazette containing supplemental pages or advertisments detailing glass product lines, sorted by manufacturer and range.  I am not able to provide copies of these pages as I do not own the copyright, however links are provided to the subscription services which host these editions online.