Summary : Pressed Flint Glass (Shire Album), Raymond Notley

Book Title : Pressed Flint Glass (Shire Album #162)
Author : Raymond Notley
Published By : Shire Publications Ltd.
Date of Publication : 1997
ISBN : 0 85263 782 9
Pages : 32

(…) This book surveys the development of the processes which transformed glassmaking from a craft into an industry, supplying an expanding consumer market with a wide range of elaborately moulded decorative ware and fittings as well as cheap, serviceable, expendable items. (…)

The book contains eight sections, illustrated with black and white photographs, old advertisements and pages from pattern books.

The catalogue pages and advertisements included in the book which showing glassware designs are –


Although a small book, it is very informative. I would have preferred it if the source material was provided.  There are snippets, such as selling of moulds, which would have been interesting to research further, but unfortunately there is no indication of where the author acquired the information.  The advertisements and catalogue pages are useful for referencing and identification.

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