Summary : Sowerby Gateshead Glass, Simon Cottle

Book Title : Sowerby, Gateshead Glass
Author : Simon Cottle
Published By : Tyne and Wear Museums Service
Date of Publication : 1986
ISBN : 0 905974 27 1
Pages : 112

The book starts off with foreword, acknowledgements, preface and introduction, before discussing various aspects of the Sowerby family and company through the chapters…

  1. The New Stourbridge Glass Works 1807-1852 (pp. 8-15)
  2. The Gateshead Stamped Glass Works (pp. 16-19)
  3. The Ellison Glass Works 1852-1972 (pp. 20-23)
  4. The Final Years (pp. 34-37)
  5. The Products c.1800-1850 (pp. 48-51)
  6. The Products c.1850-1900 (pp. 52-81)
    • Vitro-porcelain and Fancy Glass (pp. 56-61)
    • Sources of Design for Vitro-porcelain and Fancy Glass (pp. 62-72)
    • Art and Venetian Studio Glass (pp. 74-81)
  7. The Gateshead Stained Glass Company (pp. 82-87)
  8. The Gateshead Art Pottery (pp. 88-92)

Then follows the references, bibliography section and details of J.G. Sowerby’s Glass Making Patents.

The back of the book contains details of Sowerby’s Registered Designs from 1868-1901 (pp. 97-106). This list is combined with pattern numbers from a couple of Sowerby’s pattern books. Pattern book number IX is included from pages 107-112 of the book. One criticism I have is a typographical error in this section. The design numbers, between 370370 and 370379, have been listed as registered in May, when they were actually registered in September.

The book is well illustrated throughout, with both colour and black & white, photographs and drawings. However, there is no index for the illustrations or for the book. This can make it a little time consuming when trying to reference a particular piece of information. Despite this shortcoming, I find the book an invaluable reference guide.

Cover of Sowerby Gateshead Glass, by Simon Cottle

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