Re-Purpose; National Glass Centre

Re-Purpose is on display, in the Collections Gallery, at the National Glass Centre from 19th June 2021 to 3rd April 2022. The exhibition consists of work from nine artists, who re-use glass or ceramic objects to create new works of art.

The artists whose work is included in the exhibition are

  • Neil Brownsword
  • Gésine Hackenberg
  • Helen Pailing
  • Alexandra Muresan
  • Juli Bolanos-Durman
  • Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden
  • Amber Cowan
  • Bridget Harvey

I am particularly fond of Amber Cowan’s work. Her piece which is included in this exhibition is called Ring And Eye Topiary #1.

Amber is an American artist who reuses historic America pressed glass. She creates her pieces using a technique called lamp-work, in which she uses a gas fuelled torch to heat the glass until it is malleable. The glass can then be manipulated into the desired shape.

More of Amber’s work can be viewed in her online gallery at

Re-Purpose consists of works from National Glass Centre’s collection and loans from the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A), North Lands Creative and individual artists. The exhibition supports DesignLab Nation, the V&A’s National Schools Programme which aims to inspire the next generation of designers and expand the reach of the V&A collections. The programme brings together secondary schools in partnership with regional museums, artists, designers and the V&A to engage students and support teachers through in-depth design projects.

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