Greener & Co., Rd. No. 71736 Amber Pressed Glass Dish

Greener & Co registered design number 71736, on 9th April 1887, as a “design for ornamentation of glass”. The April 1887 edition, of The Pottery Gazette, carried a supplement of new designs by Greener & Co. This design was not shown in those pages.

It is a striking design consisting of stars surrounded by three concentric circles of dots. The edges of the dish also have a mirrored fan design between the circles.

This dish is oval in shape, with a scalloped rim and flat base (no feet). It measures 9¼” long, by 6¾” wide and 2″ high.

The design is formed on the outside of the dish on both the sides and the base.

The registration number is incorporated into the interior of the dish, near the edge at one end and there is no lion trademark on the bowl.

I have seen the bowl offered for sale in the clear flint glass, but would love to see it in the beautiful vibrant blue that Greener & Co. produced at this time.

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1 The Identification Of English Pressed Glass by Jenny Thompson : ISBN 0 9515491 0 3

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