Bagley Blue Pressed Glass

Bagley & Co glass was produced in their glassworks, at Knottingley, North Yorkshire, England, between 1871 and 1975. 1  As well as producing clear glass, they made a variety of products in pretty pastel clear and frosted glass.

The equinox posy bowl, pattern number 3061, was made with the top turned inwards, like a sphere, and outwards with a loose glass block.  The versions shown are both 4″ diameter bowls, although a larger version was also available.  They were made in various pastel coloured glass, in both clear and frosted finishes and produced between 1938 and 1975.2

In the versions above, the rounded version has “Made in England” incorporated into the side of the base on one side, whilst the turned-out version has a number “1” impressed into the base of the bowl and “Made in England” on the base of the glass block, or flower frog as it is also known.

Another item made in this shade of blue was the wheatsheaf vase.  It measures approximately 4″ tall.  It was pattern number 3174 and appeared in the Bagley 1953 catalogue.2  There are no makers marks or labels on either of the vases shown.


The final piece is quite a common dessert bowl, made in the carnival pattern, design number 3141.  This formed part of a fruit set, consisting of a larger bowl and six of these smaller dishes.  This also appeared in the 1953 catalogue.2


The bowl shown above has “Reg No 849118” imprinted into the inside of the bowl on the base, meaning the design for this bowl was registered around 1946-1947.3

For more in depth information regarding Bagley glass, I recommend Angela Bowey’s book.  Details are in the reference section below.


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