Summary : The Identification of English Pressed Glass, Jenny Thompson

Book Title : The Identification of English Pressed Glass 1842-1908
Author : Jenny Thompson
Published By : Mrs Jenny Thompson
Date of Publication : 1989
ISBN : 0 9515491 0 3
Pages : 166, plus an additional 32 supplemental pages.

The introduction gives a brief overview of the major firms producing glass during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.  Individual sections giving a history of the firm, a list of design registration numbers (with dates) and a selection of images from pattern books, are included for

  • Greener, Sunderland
  • George Davidson, Gateshead
  • W.H.Heppel, Newcastle
  • Edward Moore, South Shields
  • Sowerby, Gateshead
  • Burtles, Tate & Co, Manchester
  • James Derbyshire, Manchester
  • John Derbyshire, Manchester
  • Molineux, Manchester
  • Percival, Yates & Vickers, Manchester

There then follows 26 pages of black and white photographs and 8 pages of colour photographs.

The final section in the book contains the design registration details from 1884 to 1908.

Some editions come with supplementary sheets. These contain additional pattern images for the firms above, as well as registration numbers and patterns for the following

  • Matthew Turnbull, Sunderland
  • Joseph Webb, Stourbridge
  • John Walsh Walsh, Birmingham
  • Stuart & Mills, Stourbridge
  • Philip Pargeter, Stourbridge
  • Stuart & Sons, Stourbridge
  • Boulton & Mills, Stourbridge
  • W.H., B. and J. Richardson, Stourbridge
  • Hodgetts, Richardson & Pargeter, Nr. Stourbridge
  • Henry Gething Richardson, Stourbridge
  • Thomas Webb & Sons, Stourbridge


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