Summary : Buy, Keep or Sell, Judith Miller

Book Title : Buy, Keep or Sell
Author : Judith Miller & Mark Hill
Published By : Dorling Kindersley
Date of Publication : 2017
ISBN : 978 0 242 8443 8
Pages : 400

Ever wondered if your junk might be someone else’s treasure?  From coins to kitchenware, fashion to football memorabilia, find out all you need to know to enjoy collecting – and make a tidy profit.

The first six pages in the book inform the reader of where and how to buy, things to look out for and tips on reselling.  The next two pages are a guide on how to use the book.

The book is then divided into 10 sections.  Each section is broken down into topics based on either item type, e.g. “lustreware”, designer or theme, e.g. “Scottie Dogs”.  The sections and number of topics, enclosed within brackets, are listed below-

  • Ceramics (19)
  • Historical Memorabilia (11)
  • Household and Kitchenalia (14)
  • Glass (11)
  • Beauty and Fashion (16)
  • Toys, Dolls and Teddies (19)
  • Entertainment and Sports (15)
  • The Written Word and Emphemera (14)
  • Technology and Travel (12)
  • Modern Design (13)

Items which may be of interest to the glass collector, are not only shown in the glass section but, include six other items within the book.

The eleven glass topics, with number of pages in brackets, are as follows-

  • Carnival Glass (2)
  • Collector’s Corner : Perfume Bottles (2)
  • Coloured Glass (2)
  • Bottles (2)
  • Collector’s Corner : Vintage Drinking Glasses (2)
  • Glass of the 1930’s and 40’s (4)
  • Collector’s Corner : Paperweights (2)
  • Scandinavian Glass (4)
  • Post War Whitefriars (4)
  • Studio and Factory Glass (8)
  • Murano Glass (4)

The additional glass items in the book are

  • Historical Memorabilia : Stanhopes – Perfume Bottle
  • Household and Kitchenalia : Scottie Dogs – Wall Plaque
  • Household and Kitchenalia : Decanters and Cocktail Shakers
  • Modern Design : 1950’s – Pin-Up Girl Glass
  • Modern Design : Festival of Britain – Decanter and Glasses
  • Modern Design : Lamps – Art Deco Table Lamps

The ten sections are followed by a glossary, further reading/references, list of collectors clubs, internet resources, specialist dealers, specialist auction houses, index and acknowledgements for the photographic images (source items).

Opinion : A well presented, clear colourful book that is nice to pick up and browse.  The pictures are bright and clear, with short to-the-point descriptions.  As with all these types of books the pricing will become outdated in time and with fads.  However, it can act as a brief introduction to a line of collecting you may not have considered previously.  Apart from a very brief section on Sklo Union in the “Glass:Studio and Factory Glass” topic, there is little to do with pressed glass in this book.


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