Matthew Turnbull & Co. Gallery

A selection of glass produced by Matthew Turnbull & Co., Cornhill Glass Works, Sunderland. The pieces are part of my personal collection and include examples of designs spanning from the Victorian era through to 1954, when the factory closed.

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    • Hello David,
      the design is shown in a Matthew Turnbull catalogue that is available to view in the Tyne & Wear Archives (it can be viewed online). When the Turnbull factory closed down in the 1950’s most of the moulds went to Davidson’s factory, and they continued producing the posy. My amber posy vase is iridised amber over clear glass, i.e. carnival glass, which Turnbull was well known for. I’m not aware of Davidson’s making any carnival glass, so I am reasonibly confident that my amber posy vase was produced at the Turnbull glass works.
      Best Wishes,


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