Sowerby Ellison Gallery

The Sowerby Ellison glassworks, in Gateshead, produced glass for over one hundred years. The patterns and colours varied immensely from the Victorian pressed glass to the Art Deco designs through to smooth modern lines, produced just before the factory closed. The following images are just a small selection of items from my personal collection.

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Sowerby “Derby” Suite; Service #2414

Sowerby’s Ellison Glass Works introduced Service 2414 in Pattern Book 22 in 1925 [1]. The service was renamed to the “Derby” Suite around 1930 [2], and this name continued to be used until 1940. The “Derby” design was no longer included in the catalogues after this date, although preserve set, pattern #2414, was included in…

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The (Not By) Sowerby Piasa Bird

The Piasa Bird is Native American mythical creature, so seems an unlikely choice for a North-East English glass manufacturer to incorporate into a glass pattern. The Piasa Bird glass is not in any known Sowerby Pattern books, and is unlike any other glass they were known to be manufacturing at the time. Additionally, the Piasa…

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Summary : Sowerby Gateshead Glass, Simon Cottle

Book Title : Sowerby, Gateshead GlassAuthor : Simon CottlePublished By : Tyne and Wear Museums ServiceDate of Publication : 1986ISBN : 0 905974 27 1Pages : 112 The book starts off with foreword, acknowledgements, preface and introduction, before discussing various aspects of the Sowerby family and company through the chapters… The New Stourbridge Glass Works…

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